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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Not exactly what we expected >.<

Well the competition didn't go as planned. Everything that could of gone wrong...actually did and that got me so mad because in class I got the buckyball and microscopy (the mission Gabby and I had to solve) 100% of the time and then at the end when we were at the competition, nothing worked.On top of all that Mr.Wright tells me to switch my polarities on the robot because I had them that A was on port C and C was on port A. They didn't really confuse me but whatever, and after I changed them all my programs were messed up and at that same time In was called up to compete. Not one program worked and all I got was like 20 something points just for showing up (too bad it wasn't more) then later I started to fix the programs and the next time I was called up I got 90 points (out of like 370, YAHOOOO). Ohhh yeah did I mention that GABBY NEVER SHOWED UP AT THE COMPETITON and I had to do everything by myself!! For all what happened I have an excuse and that is that I was terribally terribally terribally sick. I was sick, my head was hurting, my nose was runny, and my throat hurt like crazy. I hope to do alot better next time and now I have to start working on all the programs for "MY ROBOT" so they actually work next time, I know I wont be sick at that time.


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