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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Competition Day!!

Compitition day is coming up very soon and I can happily say that we are pretty much ready. Now we just have to put all of our programs to gether and figure out the order we will put them in. Gabby and I have successfully done 3 misions and what helped us was segmenting and a lot of changes. Daniel and Gary have successfully done 3 missions but they are soso on a fourth one. Robert and Eugene have completely done 2 missions, doesn't sound like a lot, however they did do one of the hardest ones. The biggest problem in solving the missions was the aiming, my solution was to mark a spot in the base using the letters and pictures, and now Gabby and I are always consistant. One problem that might occur is that when we load our programs on each other robots that might not work perfectly until we tweak them a bit, but thats not a big problem. I just hope I don't shake while aiming my robot which was funny to everyone except me :)


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