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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Whats NXT!!

As you probably know I didn't post in a very very very very very very long time but I wanted to talk about the new nxt, but to my dismay the kit wasn't really the NXT step in technology. When I opened the kit and when I looked inside the kit all I saw was grey, white, and black (the pieces were those colors, which was pretty cool). The diveristy in pieces was heartbreaking, I mean the kit was basically made up of technics and and connecters. The newest pieces in the kit was a legoman and blue and red balls, I guess they just add extranious pieces to make it look like the kit has hundreds of pieces. Another bad thing is everytime you build a bot it is always on an angle (personaly i hate that). Even though there are a couple of bad things to this kit there are some upsides. For example the motor has a built in rotation sensor which saves a lot of building time, another thing is there are a couple more sensors in the NXT that the original lego kit doesn't have, like:

  • A sound sensor

  • An ultrasonic sensor

  • (let me just say that they are really cool, and they are a big help with different robots). This is just my opinion of the NXT. Well this kit isn't that good for winning compititions, I think it is really cool for just messing around with it at home and to learn robotics. Personally I would get this kit for myself at home. Also dont worry, I will blog more often.


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